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Daniel Mulholland




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A Bit About Me

I joined the NZ Army as a Medic at 17. When I left the Army, I traveled overseas with my wife before finally settling in Upper Hutt where we started our family and raised our three children. I worked in Emergency Services (Paramedic) and Allied Health (Laboratory) for nearly 20 years. I have gained vast experience in life and social skills, managing people, developing education and communication. 

LEGO became an important part of my life again in 2014. My passion for LEGO and sharing the experience of LEGO Play has provided me with many opportunities. I started a LEGO User Group (LUG) in Wellington which is still thriving today (Well-LUG) After five years as the LUG's President, I stepped down to pursue another direction, Content Creation which went on to become New Zealand's only Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM) with Between the Bricks. 

Around the same time as starting Between the Bricks, I had a Mental Health Crisis and was diagnosed with PTSD. LEGO now became part of my therapy and recovery playing  a very important role in my rehabilitation. This experience has shaped me and who I am today and the direction I wish to take for the rest of my life. 

I started working on the Brick Engaged concept in mid 2021, completing training in LEGO Serious Play®, LEGO-Based Therapy then furthering this in 2022 with Brick-by-Brick® facilitator training. In 2023, to ensure we remian accessable to all children and families no matter their financial situation I formed Brick Engaged Foundation a charity who's sole aim is to seek funding that will enable more children to have access to the service. 


Our mission is to facilitate fun, meaningful social interactions, learning and support for Neurodivergent people through building with LEGO® Bricks in a safe and inclusive environment. 

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